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01.23.2014. Call for abstracts: Abandoned Mine Reclamation Conference.
12.03.2013. Old Sites, New Horizons.
09.10.2013. Old mine again yields prosperity for community.
06.18.2013. A first use of an old idea to clean up mine water.
05.06.2013. Eighth International Conference on Mine Closure, Cornwall, UK.
03.11.2013. Using abandoned mine drainage to frack.
02.04.2013. Senators & Representatives Introduce Bipartisan Mining Cleanup Legislation.
12.10.2012. Mapping Hot Spots of Lead Contamination Could Safeguard Children in Mining Towns.
10.28.2012. Montana couple fights landfill to contain hazardous mine waste.
10.24.2012. Coal mine expansion threatens historic bison bone site on Crow Reservation.
10.20.2012. Company claims it’s not liable for cost of mine cleanup in Manitoba.
10.12.2012. New Air Transportation Park opened on a reclaimed coal mining site in West Virginia.
10.05.2012. Researcher finds new acid water threat in South African game reserve.
10.03.2012. Federal grants fund mining-related research.
10.02.2012. USGS simulation tools evaluate acid mine drainage cleanup strategies.
09.26.2012. BLM announces 2012 Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Award Winners.
09.25.2012. Taseko wins metal mine reclamation award in British Columbia.
09.21.2012. National Summit of Mining Communities to take place Oct. 1-4 in Leadville, CO.
09.20.2012. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation honors five states for reclamation efforts.
09.20.2012. Register for EPA webinar on environmental cleanup information.
09.16.2012. Arsenic and lead cleanup to begin at Monte Cristo mining sites in Washington.
09.15.2012. Mine reclamation awards given at annual Nevada convention.
09.14.2012. Attempts made to change CWA rules to facilitate mine cleanups by nonprofits.
09.12.2012. Warmer temperatures increasing metal concentrations in water from abandoned mines.
09.04.2012. Waste2Place website launches in September.
08.28.2012. Boreholes and acid mine drainage are topics of concern for Pennsylvania.
08.26.2012. Mined land to be restored in Lake Elsinore, California.
08.04.2012. Mine reclamation project completed in Reilly Township, Pennsylvania.
08.01.2012. Pennsylvania mine reclamation project wins national award.
07.26.2012. County protects bat habitat in abandoned mines in Nevada park.
07.16.2012. To clean up the mine, let Ascomycete fungus reproduce.
07.06.2012. Transportation bill has unintended consequences for cleanups.