Old Works Golf Course

  • Old Works Golf Course (credit Atlantic Richfield Company)
  • Anaconda Smelter Stack, 1987 (credit Wikimedia Commons)
  • Site of the Old Works Golf Course prior to reclamation (credit Atlantic Richfield Company)
  • During reclamation and golf course construction (credit Atlantic Richfield Company)
  • Inert black slag from the smelter was used to fill bunkers (credit Atlantic Richfield Company)
  • Old Works Golf Course (credit JeffWallach.com)

Case Study

Old Works Golf Course | Anaconda, MT




Atlantic Richfield Company
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
City and County of Anaconda

Design Content

Golf course by Jack Nicklaus

Major Reclamation Issues

Surface Water and Groundwater Contamination
Soil Contamination


Old Works Website
National Atlas

For nearly 100 hundred years Anaconda, Montana was home to a copper smelter which was the economic engine of the area. When it shuttered in 1980, the county was left with 1.5 million cubic yards of contaminated soil, slag, and flue dust.
Besides addressing environmental damage, Anaconda officials also sought out reuse ideas which would reinvigorate the local economy. The local community, the site owner Atlantic Richfield Company, and the EPA decided upon the creation of a golf course and hired Jack Nicklaus to design it. The golf course incorporates elements of the former mining industry, including using inert black slag to fill bunkers, and a nearby hiking trail explains the local mining history. The golf course has increased tourism to the area and spurred other nearby developments.