Daybreak Community Development

  • Completed Daybreak homes. (credit Kennecott Land Company)
  • Initial Daybreak development plan. (credit Kennecott Land Company)
  • Bingham Canyon is still an active copper mine. (credit Alan Berger)

Case Study

Daybreak Community Development | Salt Lake Valley, UT




Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
State of Utah

Major Reclamation Issues

Groundwater Contamination


U.S. Water News
EPA Case Study

Bingham Canyon, near Salt Lake City, has been actively mined since the 1860s for copper, gold, silver, lead, and zinc. Decades of mine activity led to significant contamination of surface and groundwater.
Public and private entities worked together to clean and redevelop the area without listing it as a Superfund site. Consolidation and capping of gypsum sludge in evaporation ponds eventually enabled the development of the planned-community Daybreak, which includes over 13,000 homes and 9 million square feet of commercial space.