Cimarron Center

  • A WalMart was built at the Cimarron Center site. (credit Bing Maps)

Case Study

Cimarron Center | Sand Springs, OK




Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Federated Metals
Kucharski Development Company

Major Reclamation Issues

Soil Contamination


EPA Success Story
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality 2004 Land Report

In one of the first brownfield redevelopments in Oklahoma, a Walmart was built on the site of a former zinc smelter. The area had functioned as a smelter for 60 years and after closure in 1985, the property was vacant for another 14 years.
The local owner worked with the State of Oklahoma to voluntarily cleanup the area and prepare the site for what would eventually become the commercial Cimarron Center, anchored by a Walmart Supercenter. Approximately 61,300 cubic yards of contaminated soil was removed and contained onsite in a disposal cell under the new development. The site, which was located in an underserved area, has become and commercial and economic asset for the community. The project was awarded the Region 6 2004 Phoenix Award for brownfield redevelopment.