About P-Rex

P-REX originated in 2002 as The Project for Reclamation Excellence, a sustained effort to understand, represent and design reclaimed environments associated with large-scale natural resource extraction. Simply referred to today as P-REX, our portfolio of research and design projects includes engineered wetlands, biofuel infrastructures, Superfund sites, and future of transportation.

P-REX funding partners grew from the Tiffany & Co. Foundation and United States Environmental Protection Agency to include the European Union, individual cities, and large private corporations such as Toyota. As our research demonstrates, landscape alteration, whether from mineral extraction, relic industrial processes, or new urban and rural phenomena, is a ubiquitous and economically-driven global condition.

P-REX addresses the challenges of landscape alteration through unique trans-disciplinary collaborations with engineers, economists, ecologists, geologists, and policy experts. We research and practice through a highly targeted application of custom workflows that are developed to understand and creatively solve each particular landscape problem. P-REX always publishes what it practices. This dual output is pre-negotiated into all of our working contracts and ensures the broadest dissemination of our discoveries and new knowledge.  Our unique approach has attracted forward-looking clients such as:

Toyota Research Institute of North America
who sought to understand, with a value-neutral investigation, how future American urbanization trends will alter our transportation needs.

French Ministries of Culture and Environment
who ran an invited competition to design a future for greater metropolitan Paris that fits into a post-Kyoto Treaty worldview.

European Union/Province of Latina/Region of Calabria
who need to develop landscape solutions to massive agricultural and urban pollution issues.