• Potash Mine Bat Gate, ID: Many mining adits and openings are little different than natural caves, helping build new habitat for bat populations to roost and expand.
  • Hayden Concentrator and Smelter (Copper), Hayden, Arizona (2001). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • Silver Bow Creek (Superfund Site), South and West of Butte, Montana (2001). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • Anaconda Smelter (Superfund Site), Anaconda, Montana (2001). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • Fairplay Tailings (Abandoned Placer Gold Mine), Near Fairplay and Alma, Colorado (2000). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • McCoy Cove Mine (Silver), Lander County, Nevada (2001). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • Mercur Mine (Gold), Tooele County, Utah (2000). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • Berkeley Pit Montana Resources (Superfund Site, Copper), Butte, Montana (2001). (Credit Alan Berger)
  • Beal Mountain Mine (Gold), Near Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana (2001). (Credit Alan Berger)